Tennessee, TN

Tennessee, the 36th largest state, is a prominent state in United States history being one of the first territories explored and settled beyond the Appalachian Mountains as well as the prime location for the growth of several notable music genres such as rock and roll, blues, and country.   Nashville, Tennessee is regarded as the capital of country music and is the primary recording center for the industry.

Tennessee is a prime agriculture state specializing in cattle; as well as a producer of textiles and electrical power.  Tourism also forms a large part of Tennessee’s economy with popular sites including Tennessee’s mountain parks and vistas as well as buildings and institutions related to the growth of music and culture in the state such as Graceland, the Parthenon, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Tennessee’s population is about evenly divided among East, Central, and West Tennessee with large concentrations in Memphis, Nashville, and Oak Ridge among other smaller cities.


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